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  1. I disabled adblock in good faith but now I get the stupid phoney “your computer has a virus” shit which means I have to use Task Manager to totally exit Chrome to escape. I can put up with normal ads, but stupid scams that won’t let you escape mean I’ll give your site a miss.

    • I’m giving the site a miss for the same reason. Everyone knows the phoney virus is a scam – Why do they bother.

  2. requiring to disable adblocker is kinda stupid. Most anti-viruses block ads and pop-ups anyway

  3. Found away around the full screen “disable your adblocker”, just deleted the bookmark to your site. Nice knowing you

  4. Your abrupt change in content to including all the girlie magazines has ruined the site. Now it”s mostly garbage.

  5. I was wondering about a link to God’s Not Dead 2..Do you have a email notification that I can subscribe to? Thanks Great site

    • There are no links for that movie at the moment. Our mail server is down.

  6. Trying to understand the download procedure. I hit all of the available methods to download but nothing happens?

    • For example:
      Under Rapidgator click on ‘Click here to download’. After that wait 5 sec and in the upper right corner click on ‘Continue’.
      You will be redirected to keeplinks page, Prove you are human and enter a requested phrase. After that click on Live Link and you will be redirected to rapidgator page.
      Just click on ‘Click here to download’

  7. Excellent job on the 1080p 5.1 Channel files! Keep them coming please!! Thank you

  8. Loving your work. Just wondering if you could repost Daredevil Season 1 episode 10 as it seems to have disappeared from all hosting sites. 🙁

  9. Really appreciate all the work, thanks. Is your RSS feed no longer operational, or just having problems?

  10. Dear Admin: just a Little favor, can you put a Little watermark of de encode in the right corner, just like Nitro or Ganool, because the watermark that you put at the beginnin of the movies is very annoying.
    this is just a sugestion, thank you.

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